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Monday, 3 June 2013

How to create a clean install of Linux Mint 15 Olivia and keep your settings (mostly) intact. Part 1.

Mint 15 installation and tricks

I have always been a Linux fanboy but it was not always sunshine and roses. Some distro's were just impossible to work with. Then Ubuntu came to prominence and as a fellow saffer and IBMer, at that time, with huge Linux interests I was fortunate enough to meet Mark a few times and hang with the Ubuntu team in London.

Then Ubuntu went weird. We understand convergence and making things easier to attract new users to Linux but removing vital functions alienated all but the most hardened Ubuntu fanboys. We also realise that Gnome 3.x was really to blame for the changes but what to do? You have to change with the times. I recently saw an interview with Mark where he showed the Ubuntu phone and it was really good and Unity worked well.

So, there is nothing wrong, per say, with Ubuntu and Unity. It is a preference thing and as I use Linux for my daily tasks I started looking around for alternatives as I was getting frustrated. I started playing with Linux Mint Lisa I was impressed. With Maya I was very impressed and even more so with Nadia. Today I am simply amazed with Olivia and what Clement Lefebvre and the team have accomplished with the Linux Mint fork.

Linux Mint works for me. It is nice, it is logical and it is feature rich. There are no lenses or Amazon stores or frustrating iconthings at the left and no purple anywhere.

My humble view is that this is the nicest Linux Distro by a mile. I will blog how to get the best from a system install. I have now upgraded most of my primary machines and so far all has gone very well. You can do an inplace upgrade but a re-install forces me to do housekeeping.

So here goes:

Firstly, I strongly recommend Mint 64. There is absolutely no reason not to install the 64bit version. If you machine is not capable then please stop reading and go and look for some YouTube videos of Richard Stallman and go and hipster something. I use a dual core and quad core cpu on motherboards I bought in 2008 and it (seems) every bit as fast as my ex-TP i7. Go figure.

Secondly, I think Cinnamon is much better than MATE. MATE is old school but it's your choice. Cinnamon removes the Gnome frustrations but keeps the good stuff. It is an excellent compromise.

Thirdly, for laptops use LVM and LUKS encryption, don't argue, just do it. For home machines, unless you are Mr, LVM and a password will suffice. I have published a few articles on two form factor encryption that also works well.

Create the USB boot disk. 

1. Please use the torrent link to download mint 15 and please seed it for a while. This helps with bandwidth. Note: not all torrents are bad.

2. Install unetbootin. USB Image Writer sucks a bit as it creates a very peculiar boot sector that some machines do not like and the boot sequence will fail. 

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

Don't bother with persistence although it is helpful to have some space on the USB to copy apt cache files etc. Any USB over 8 GB is a bit of a waste and you will have to create a less than 8 GB fat32 partition. My recommendation is to buy a cheap 8 GB USB and dedicate it to the Mint installer.

Install Linux Mint 15.

The install is very simple. I would recommend that you disconnect any other hard drives in your machine, by disconnecting the SATA cable,  to ensure you do not overwrite what you did not want to overwrite!

There are advantages to using LVM and again, as above, there is no reason not to.

* I live in Malaysia and the local Ubuntu cache servers sucks, Ubuntu MY Loco team I am looking at you now, so I set my locale to Singapore. This is far more reliable. However, the install does not always configure SG language settings correctly so I now just select London and then move the TZ later.

If you tell Mint to log you in automatically some applications will complain saying the keyring is not unlocked yet so you have to sign in anyway, doh!

The downside of the LVM install wizard is that the whole disk will be used. You can of course chose to manually carve the disk but that is a post for another day.

Update Linux Mint.

There are always updates to a distro no matter how recent the release. So click on the update icon, insert your password, update and RESTART! Linux is not windoze, it does not take two days to restart.

Installing the base applications. 

Here is the best trick ever. It requires a bit of work but is worth it. Dselect is an easy way to reinstall applicatios on a clean system. Apt is the better way but dselect works for me. To see what your source system has installed use this command:
To find out what is installed and create a better "packages" file you can use:
aptitude -F '%p' search ' !~i' 
To find out what is deselected use:
aptitude -F '%p' search '~ainstall !~i'
dpkg -l '*' | grep '^in ' | awk '{ print $2 " deinstall" }' 
To list your applications in a different way use:

zcat -f /var/log/dpkg.log* | grep "\ install\ " | sort

For the sake of simplicity just use dselect to save and restore applications.
*** Caveat. You need to manually edit this file. I remove any apps I am unsure off and I also delete all lib files as dpkg will go and get most of the dependencies for you.

sudo apt-get install dselect
sudo dselect update

Go to your old machine and run this in a terminal session.

sudo dpkg --get-selections > ~/Desktop/packages

Now edit the packages file and remove some stuff. In essence you want to install your favourite applications using the current OS with the correct dependencies. I have included my file that has most of the applications I can not live without.  When ready copy the packages file to the new target Desktop folder.

* if you are doing this to a few machines then it is best to copy the apt cache otherwise all files will be downloaded again. To do this you need root access on one of the machines that have been updated. So in a terminal session type this.

sudo -i
nemo &

This will spawn the Mint file manager. Use the file manager and go to /var/cache/apt/archives. Copy the contents to a USB drive or directly if you are using the SMB network or SSH connection to the same target location. When we run the install this cache will be queried first and if the correct file is found it will be installed.

Now for the fun bit. Currently you have a "virgin" machine with the standard apps installed. Here is how to pimp it out.

sudo dpkg --set-selections < ~/Desktop/packages && sudo apt-get -u dselect-upgrade

There will be a few prompts you need to answer but where it fails, like configuring mail, just select local or ignore.

This will take a while to complete but after a restart you will have a whole lot more applications to play with. You could also have moved your previous home directory first and then install the apps. This will keep all settings in tack. The good and the bad! My preference is to manually go through the . directories and copy what I need. This is a much cleaner way of setting up an initial new system.

Whoo hoo!

Here is my packages file. It works for me. It is what I need. I have added the file to give you an idea but I am not taking responsibility for your actions. :-)

3270-common install
abiword install
abiword-common install
abiword-plugin-grammar install
abiword-plugin-mathview install
account-plugin-aim install
account-plugin-facebook install
account-plugin-flickr install
account-plugin-google install
account-plugin-icons install
account-plugin-identica install
account-plugin-jabber install
account-plugin-salut install
account-plugin-twitter install
account-plugin-windows-live install
account-plugin-yahoo install
accountsservice install
acl install
acpi-support install
acpid install
acpitool install
activity-log-manager install
activity-log-manager-common install
add-apt-key install
adduser install
afio install
alacarte install
alien install
alsa-base install
alsa-utils install
anacron install
anjuta-common install
anki install
antiword install
antlr install
apg install
apmd install
ark install
atunes install
audacity install
azureus install
backintime-common install
backintime-gnome install
banshee install
banshee-community-extensions install
banshee-dbg install
banshee-extension-alarm install
banshee-extension-albumartwriter install
banshee-extension-ampache install
banshee-extension-appindicator install
banshee-extension-awn install
banshee-extension-coverwallpaper install
banshee-extension-duplicatesongdetector install
banshee-extension-foldersync install
banshee-extension-jamendo install
banshee-extension-karaoke install
banshee-extension-lastfmfingerprint install
banshee-extension-lcd install
banshee-extension-lirc install
banshee-extension-liveradio install
banshee-extension-lyrics install
banshee-extension-magnatune install
banshee-extension-mirage install
banshee-extension-openvp install
banshee-extension-radiostationfetcher install
banshee-extension-randombylastfm install
banshee-extension-soundmenu install
banshee-extension-streamrecorder install
banshee-extension-telepathy install
banshee-extension-zeitgeistdataprovider install
banshee-extensions-common install
baobab install
barry-util install
barry-util-dbg install
barrybackup-gui install
barrybackup-gui-dbg install
barrydesktop install
blender install
bluefish install
bluefish-data install
bluefish-plugins install
blueman install
bluetooth install
bootchart install
braindump install
brasero install
brasero-cdrkit install
brasero-common install
brltty install
btrfs-tools install
build-essential install
bum install
cairo-clock install
calibre install
calibre-bin install
calligra-data installlocal
calligra-l10n-engb install
calligra-l10n-nl install
calligra-l10n-zhcn install
calligra-l10n-zhtw install
calligra-libs install
caribou install
ccd2iso install
cdparanoia install
cdrdao install
checkgmail install
cheese install
cheese-common install
chemical-mime-data install
chromium-browser install
chromium-browser-l10n install
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg install
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-dbg install
clamassassin install
clamav install
clamav-base install
clamav-daemon install
clamav-freshclam install
clamfs install
clamtk install
clipgrab install
colord install
conky-all install
cups install
cups-bsd install
cups-client install
cups-common install
cups-filters install
cups-pdf install
cups-pk-helper install
cups-ppdc install
curl install
dash install
debian-goodies install
debianutils install
devede install
devio install
devscripts install
dh-apparmor install
dia-common install
dia-gnome install
dia-libs install
dialog install
dictionaries-common install
diffstat install
diffutils install
dirdiff install
disper install
distro-info install
distro-info-data install
dkms install
dmidecode install
dmsetup install
dmz-cursor-theme install
dnsmasq-base install
dnsutils install
doc-base install
docbook install
docbook-dsssl install
docbook-to-man install
docbook-xml install
docbook-xsl install
dosfstools install
duplicity install
dvd+rw-tools install
dvd-slideshow install
dvdauthor install
dvdisaster install
dvdisaster-doc install
dvdstyler install
dvdstyler-data install
dvgrab install
dynagen install
dynamips install
easytag install
ed install
eject install
empathy install
empathy-common install
enblend install
encfs install
enchant install
enfuse install
engrampa install
engrampa-common install
enscript install
entagged install
eog install
eom install
eom-common install
epdfview install
escputil install
esound-common install
espeak install
ethtool install
evince install
evince-common install
evolution-data-server install
evolution-data-server-common install
exif install
exiftran install
extlinux install
faac install
fakeroot install
fastjar install
ffmpeg install
ffmpeg2theora install
ffmpegthumbnailer install
ffmpegthumbnailer-caja install
fhist install
file install
file-roller install
filezilla install
filezilla-common install
findutils install
firefox install
firefox-globalmenu install
firefox-gnome-support install
firefox-locale-af install
firefox-locale-en install
firefox-locale-eo install
firefox-locale-nl install
firefox-locale-zh-hans install
firefox-locale-zh-hant install
firestarter install
flac install
flashplugin-installer install
flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound install
fldiff install
flex install
folks-common install
fontconfig install
fontconfig-config install
fonts-arphic-ukai install
fonts-arphic-uming install
fonts-droid install
fonts-freefont-ttf install
fonts-horai-umefont install
fonts-kacst install
fonts-kacst-one install
fonts-khmeros-core install
fonts-lao install
fonts-liberation install
fonts-lklug-sinhala install
fonts-lyx install
fonts-nanum install
fonts-opensymbol install
fonts-sil-abyssinica install
fonts-sil-padauk install
fonts-takao-pgothic install
fonts-thai-tlwg install
fonts-tibetan-machine install
fonts-tlwg-garuda install
fonts-tlwg-kinnari install
fonts-tlwg-loma install
fonts-tlwg-mono install
fonts-tlwg-norasi install
fonts-tlwg-purisa install
fonts-tlwg-sawasdee install
fonts-tlwg-typewriter install
fonts-tlwg-typist install
fonts-tlwg-typo install
fonts-tlwg-umpush install
fonts-tlwg-waree install
fonts-unfonts-core install
foomatic-db-compressed-ppds install
foomatic-db-engine install
foomatic-db-gutenprint install
foomatic-filters install
foomatic-gui install
fop install
foremost install
fortune-mod install
fortunes-husse install
fortunes-min install
fotoxx install
fping install
freeglut3:i386 install
freemind install
freemind-browser install
freemind-doc install
freemind-plugins-help install
freemind-plugins-script install
freemind-plugins-svg install
freepats install
freeplane install
freerdp-x11 install
frei0r-plugins install
friendly-recovery install
fslint install
ftp install
furiusisomount install
fuse install
fuse-utils install
fuseiso install
fuseiso9660 install
gawk install
gbrainy install
gcalctool install
gconf-defaults-service install
gconf-editor install
gconf-service install
gconf-service-backend install
gconf2 install
gconf2-common install
gcr install
gcu-plugin install
gdb install
gddrescue install
gdebi install
gdebi-core install
gecko-mediaplayer install
gedit install
gedit-common install
genisoimage install
geoclue install
geoclue-ubuntu-geoip install
geoip-database install
getdeb-repository install
gettext install
gettext-base install
gfaim install
gfaim-data install
ghostscript install
ghostscript-cups install
ghostscript-x install
gimp install
gimp-data install
gimp-help-common install
gimp-help-en install
gimp-help-nl install
ginn install
gir1.2-accounts-1.0 install
gir1.2-accountsservice-1.0 install
gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1 install
gir1.2-atk-1.0 install
gir1.2-atspi-2.0 install
gir1.2-caribou-1.0 install
gir1.2-clutter-1.0 install
gir1.2-cogl-1.0 install
gir1.2-coglpango-1.0 install
gir1.2-dbusmenu-glib-0.4 install
gir1.2-dbusmenu-gtk-0.4 install
gir1.2-dee-1.0 install
gir1.2-folks-0.6 install
gir1.2-freedesktop install
gir1.2-gconf-2.0 install
gir1.2-gdata-0.0 install
gir1.2-gdesktopenums-3.0 install
gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 install
gir1.2-gee-1.0 install
gir1.2-gkbd-3.0 install
gir1.2-glib-2.0 install
gir1.2-gmenu-3.0 install
gir1.2-gnomebluetooth-1.0 install
gir1.2-gnomedesktop-3.0 install
gir1.2-gnomekeyring-1.0 install
gir1.2-goa-1.0 install
gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-0.10 install
gir1.2-gstreamer-0.10 install
gir1.2-gtk-2.0 install
gir1.2-gtk-3.0 install
gir1.2-gtksource-3.0 install
gir1.2-gtop-2.0 install
gir1.2-gudev-1.0 install
gir1.2-indicate-0.7 install
gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-3.0 install
gir1.2-json-1.0 install
gir1.2-launchpad-integration-3.0 install
gir1.2-messagingmenu-1.0 install
gir1.2-muffin-3.0 install
gir1.2-nautilus-3.0 install
gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 install
gir1.2-notify-0.7 install
gir1.2-panelapplet-4.0 install
gir1.2-pango-1.0 install
gir1.2-peas-1.0 install
gir1.2-polkit-1.0 install
gir1.2-rb-3.0 install
gir1.2-signon-1.0 install
gir1.2-soup-2.4 install
gir1.2-syncmenu-0.1 install
gir1.2-telepathyglib-0.12 install
gir1.2-telepathylogger-0.2 install
gir1.2-totem-1.0 install
gir1.2-totem-plparser-1.0 install
gir1.2-ubuntuoneui-3.0 install
gir1.2-unity-5.0:i386 install
gir1.2-upowerglib-1.0 install
gir1.2-vte-2.90 install
gir1.2-webkit-3.0 install
gir1.2-wnck-3.0 install
gir1.2-xkl-1.0 install
git install
git-man install
gjs install
gkbd-capplet install
gkrellm install
gkrellm-thinkbat install
gksu install
gmtp install
gnome-accessibility-themes install
gnome-activity-journal install
gnome-applets install
gnome-applets-data install
gnome-bluetooth install
gnome-brave-icon-theme install
gnome-colors install
gnome-colors-common install
gnome-common install
gnome-contacts install
gnome-control-center install
gnome-control-center-data install
gnome-control-center-signon install
gnome-desktop-data install
gnome-desktop3-data install
gnome-disk-utility install
gnome-dust-icon-theme install
gnome-exe-thumbnailer install
gnome-font-viewer install
gnome-human-icon-theme install
gnome-icon-theme install
gnome-icon-theme-full install
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic install
gnome-illustrious-icon-theme install
gnome-keyring install
gnome-media install
gnome-menus install
gnome-mplayer install
gnome-network-admin install
gnome-noble-icon-theme install
gnome-online-accounts install
gnome-panel install
gnome-panel-data install
gnome-power-manager install
gnome-screensaver install
gnome-screenshot install
gnome-session install
gnome-session-bin install
gnome-session-canberra install
gnome-session-common install
gnome-session-fallback install
gnome-settings-daemon install
gnome-system-log install
gnome-system-monitor install
gnome-system-tools install
gnome-terminal install
gnome-terminal-data install
gnome-themes-standard install
gnome-time-admin install
gnome-user-guide install
gnome-user-share install
gnome-video-effects install
gnome-web-photo install
gnome-wine-icon-theme install
gnome-wise-icon-theme install
gns3 install
gnucash install
gnucash-common install
gnucash-docs install
gnumeric install
gnumeric-common install
gnumeric-doc install
gnumeric-plugins-extra install
gnupg install
gnupod-tools install
gocr install
google-talkplugin install
gpart install
gparted install
gpesyncd install
gpgv install
grcm install
grdesktop install
grep install
groff-base install
gromit install
groovy install
growisofs install
grub-common install
grub-gfxpayload-lists install
grub-pc install
grub-pc-bin install
grub2-common install
grub2-theme-mint install
gsettings-desktop-schemas install
gsfonts install
gsfonts-x11 install
gstreamer0.10-alsa:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-gconf:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-gnonlin install
gstreamer0.10-nice:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio:i386 install
gstreamer0.10-tools install
gstreamer0.10-x:i386 install
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad:i386 install
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base:i386 install
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good:i386 install
gstreamer1.0-x:i386 install
gthumb install
gthumb-data install
gtk-doc-tools install
gtk-recordmydesktop install
gtk2-engines:i386 install
gtk2-engines-aurora install
gtk2-engines-candido install
gtk2-engines-murrine:i386 install
gtk2-engines-pixbuf:i386 install
gtk3-engines-unico install
gtkpod install
gtkpod-data install
gtkrsync install
gucharmap install
gufw install
guile-1.8 install
guile-1.8-libs install
gvfs:i386 install
gvfs-backends install
gvfs-bin install
gvfs-common install
gvfs-daemons install
gvfs-fuse install
gvfs-libs:i386 install
gwibber install
gwibber-service install
gwibber-service-facebook install
gwibber-service-identica install
gwibber-service-twitter install
gworldclock install
gxine install
gxineplugin install
gzip install
hal install
hal-info install
hardening-includes install
hardinfo install
hdapsd install
hddtemp install
hdparm install
hexdiff install
hibernate install
hicolor-icon-theme install
hostname install
hpijs install
hping3 install
hplip install
hplip-data install
html2text install
htop install
httrack install
hugin install
hugin-data install
hugin-tools install
humanity-icon-theme install
hunspell install
hunspell-en-us install
hwdata install
hyphen-af install
hyphen-en-us install
ibus-pinyin-db-android install
icedax install
icoutils install
id3tool install
id3v2 install
ifupdown install
ijsgutenprint install
im-switch install
imagemagick install
imagemagick-common install
imagination install
imagination-common install
imediff2 install
info install
initramfs-tools install
initramfs-tools-bin install
initscripts install
inkscape install
inputattach install
insserv install
install-info install
intel-gpu-tools install
intltool install
intltool-debian install
inxi install
iproute install
iproute-doc install
iptables install
iputils-arping install
iputils-ping install
iputils-tracepath install
irqbalance install
isc-dhcp-client install
isc-dhcp-common install
iscan install
iscan-data install
iso-codes install
isomaster install
istanbul install
ivy install
iw install
jade install
jarwrapper install
java-common install
java-package install
java-wrappers install
javahelp2 install
javascript-common install
jftp install
jhead install
jnettop install
jockey-common install
jockey-gtk install
juk install
junit4 install
k3b install
k3b-data install
k3b-i18n install
kakasi install
kakasi-dic install
kate-data install
katepart install
kbd install
kdenlive install
kdenlive-data install
kdoctools install
kerneloops-daemon install
keyboard-configuration install
keyutils install
kfind install
khelpcenter4 install
kimagemapeditor install
klibc-utils install
krb5-locales install
ksh install
kubuntu-debug-installer install
kunststoff install
kvm-ipxe install
kwalletmanager install
lame install
language-pack-af install
language-pack-af-base install
language-pack-en install
language-pack-en-base install
language-pack-eo install
language-pack-eo-base install
language-pack-gnome-af install
language-pack-gnome-af-base install
language-pack-gnome-en install
language-pack-gnome-en-base install
language-pack-gnome-eo install
language-pack-gnome-eo-base install
language-pack-gnome-ms install
language-pack-gnome-ms-base install
language-pack-gnome-nl install
language-pack-gnome-nl-base install
language-pack-gnome-tlh install
language-pack-gnome-tlh-base install
language-pack-gnome-zh-hans install
language-pack-gnome-zh-hans-base install
language-pack-gnome-zh-hant install
language-pack-gnome-zh-hant-base install
language-pack-kde-en install
language-pack-kde-nl install
language-pack-kde-zh-hant install
language-pack-ms install
language-pack-ms-base install
language-pack-nl install
language-pack-nl-base install
language-pack-tlh install
language-pack-tlh-base install
language-pack-zh-hans install
language-pack-zh-hans-base install
language-pack-zh-hant install
language-pack-zh-hant-base install
language-selector-common install
language-selector-gnome install
laptop-detect install
launchpad-integration install
lcdproc install
lcdproc-extra-drivers install
ldap-utils install
ldaptor-utils install
less install
lesstif2 install
lft install
lirc install
lives install
lives-data install
lm-sensors install
lockfile-progs install
login install
logrotate install
lottanzb install
lp-solve install
lsb install
lsb-base install
lsb-core install
lsb-cxx install
lsb-desktop install
lsb-graphics install
lsb-printing install
lsb-release install
lshw install
lsof install
ltrace install
lupin-support install
lvm2 install
m4 install
make install
makedev install
man-db install
manpages install
manpages-dev install
marco install
marco-common install
mawk install
mcp-account-manager-uoa install
mdm install
mdns-scan install
media-player-info install
mediatomb install
mediatomb-common install
mediatomb-daemon install
medibuntu-keyring install
medit install
meld install
melt install
memtest86+ install
mencoder install
menu install
menu-xdg install
mesa-common-dev install
mesa-utils install
metacity install
metacity-common install
mime-support install
minitube install
mint-artwork-cinnamon install
mint-artwork-common install
mint-artwork-gnome install
mint-backgrounds-maya install
mint-backgrounds-maya-extra install
mint-backgrounds-nadia install
mint-backgrounds-nadia-extra install
mint-themes install
mint-translations install
mint-x-icons install
miro install
miro-data install
mjpegtools install
mkvtoolnix install
mlocate install
mobile-broadband-provider-info install
mobilemediaconverter install
modemmanager install
module-init-tools install
mono-4.0-gac install
mono-gac install
mono-runtime install
mousetweaks install
mozo install
mplayer2 install
mscompress install
msr-tools install
mtink install
mtools install
mtp-tools install
mtpfs install
mtr install
muffin-common install
multiarch-support install
myspell-af install
myspell-en-au install
myspell-en-gb install
myspell-en-za install
myspell-eo install
myspell-nl install
mysql-client install
mysql-client-5.5 install
mysql-client-core-5.5 install
mysql-common install
mythes-en-us install
nano install
nautilus install
nautilus-actions install
nautilus-compare install
nautilus-data install
nautilus-gksu install
nautilus-open-terminal install
nautilus-scripts-manager install
nautilus-sendto install
nautilus-sendto-empathy install
nautilus-share install
nautilus-wallpaper install
nbd-client install
nbd-server install
ncurses-base install
ncurses-bin install
ncurses-term install
ndisc6 install
ndisgtk install
ndiswrapper-common install
ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 install
nemo install
nemo-data install
nemo-fileroller install
nemo-share install
nepomuk-core install
nepomuk-core-data install
net-tools install
netbase install
netcat-openbsd install
netpbm install
netwag install
netwox install
nfs-common install
nfs4-acl-tools install
nfswatch install
nmap install
nmapsi4 install
notify-osd install
notify-osd-icons install
ntfs-3g install
ntpdate install
ntrack-module-libnl-0 install
nut install
nut-client install
nut-server install
nut-snmp install
nux-tools install
nvclock install
nxproxy install
nzb install
obex-data-server install
obexd-client install
odbcinst install
odbcinst1debian2:i386 install
ogmtools install
oinkmaster install
onboard install
oneconf install install
openprinting-ppds install
openssh-client install
openssh-server install
openssl install
orange install
os-prober install
oss-compat install
oxygen-icon-theme install
p7zip install
p7zip-full install
p7zip-rar install
packagekit install
packagekit-backend-aptcc install
packagekit-tools install
packeth install
par2 install
paris-traceroute install
parted install
partitionmanager install
passwd install
patch install
patchutils install
pax install
pbnj install
pbuilder install
pbzip2 install
pciutils install
pcmciautils install
pconf-detect install
perl install
perl-base install
perl-modules install
perlmagick install
phatch install
phatch-cli install
phonon:i386 install
phonon-backend-gstreamer:i386 install
picard install
picasa install
pidgin install
pidgin-data install
pidgin-facebookchat install
pidgin-libnotify install
pitivi install
pkg-config install
plan install
planner install
planner-data install
planner-doc install
plasma-scriptengine-javascript install
plymouth install
plymouth-label install
plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text install
pm-utils install
pmount install
pnscan install
po-debconf install
policykit-1 install
policykit-1-gnome install
policykit-desktop-privileges install
poppler-data install
poppler-utils install
postfix install
powermgmt-base install
powernap install
powernap-common install
powertop install
ppp install
pppconfig install
pppoe install
pppoeconf install
pptp-linux install
printconf install
printer-driver-all install
printer-driver-c2050 install
printer-driver-c2esp install
printer-driver-cjet install
printer-driver-escpr install
printer-driver-foo2zjs install
printer-driver-gutenprint install
printer-driver-hpcups install
printer-driver-hpijs install
printer-driver-m2300w install
printer-driver-min12xxw install
printer-driver-pnm2ppa install
printer-driver-postscript-hp install
printer-driver-ptouch install
printer-driver-pxljr install
printer-driver-sag-gdi install
printer-driver-splix install
procmail install
procps install
protobuf-compiler install
proxytrack install
psad install
psmisc install
pstoedit install
putty-tools install
pxlib1 install
pybootchartgui install
python install
python-appindicator install
python-apport install
python-apt install
python-apt-common install
python-aptdaemon install
python-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets install
python-beautifulsoup install
python-cairo install
python-central install
python-chardet install
python-cheetah install
python-cherrypy3 install
python-configglue install
python-configobj install
python-corba install
python-crypto install
python-cssutils install
python-cups install
python-cupshelpers install
python-dateutil install
python-dbus install
python-dbus-dev install
python-debian install
python-debianbts install
python-debtagshw install
python-defer install
python-dirspec install
python-dnspython install
python-egenix-mxdatetime install
python-egenix-mxtools install
python-feedparser install
python-foomatic install
python-fpconst install
python-gconf install
python-gdbm install
python-gi install
python-gi-cairo install
python-glade2 install
python-gmenu install
python-gnome2 install
python-gnomekeyring install
python-gnupginterface install
python-gobject install
python-gobject-2 install
python-gpgme install
python-gst0.10 install
python-gtk2 install
python-gtksourceview2 install
python-httplib2 install
python-imaging install
python-ipy install
python-keybinder install
python-keyring install
python-launchpad-integration install
python-launchpadlib install
python-lazr.restfulclient install
python-lazr.uri install
python-ldaptor install
python-libproxy install
python-libtorrent install
python-libuser install
python-libxml2 install
python-lxml install
python-magic install
python-mako install
python-markupsafe install
python-mate install
python-mate-desktop install
python-mate-menu install
python-matplotlib install
python-matplotlib-data install
python-mechanize install
python-minimal install
python-musicbrainz2 install
python-mutagen install
python-nautilus install
python-nmap install
python-notify install
python-numpy install
python-oauth install
python-openssl install
python-packagekit install
python-pam install
python-paramiko install
python-pexpect install
python-piston-mini-client install
python-pkg-resources install
python-problem-report install
python-protobuf install
python-pyatspi2 install
python-pycurl install
python-pyexiv2 install
python-pyexiv2-doc install
python-pygments install
python-pygoocanvas install
python-pyicu install
python-pyinotify install
python-pymtp install
python-pyorbit install
python-pyparsing install
python-pysqlite2 install
python-qt4 install
python-qt4-dbus install
python-renderpm install
python-reportbug install
python-reportlab install
python-reportlab-accel install
python-repoze.lru install
python-routes install
python-serial install
python-sexy install
python-simplejson install
python-sip install
python-six install
python-smbc install
python-soappy install
python-software-properties install
python-sqlalchemy install
python-sqlalchemy-ext install
python-support install
python-tk install
python-twisted-bin install
python-twisted-core install
python-twisted-mail install
python-twisted-names install
python-twisted-web install
python-tz install
python-ubuntu-sso-client install
python-ubuntuone-client install
python-ubuntuone-control-panel install
python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol install
python-uniconvertor install
python-uno install
python-utidylib install
python-virtkey install
python-vte install
python-wadllib install
python-webkit install
python-webob install
python-wxgtk2.8 install
python-wxversion install
python-xapian install
python-xdg install
python-xkit install
python-xlib install
python-yenc install
python-zeitgeist install
python-zope.interface install
python2.7 install
python2.7-minimal install
python3 install
python3-apport install
python3-apt install
python3-aptdaemon install
python3-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets install
python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat deinstall
python3-brlapi install
python3-cairo install
python3-crypto install
python3-dbus install
python3-defer install
python3-distupgrade install
python3-gdbm install
python3-gi install
python3-gi-cairo install
python3-httplib2 install
python3-louis install
python3-lxml install
python3-minimal install
python3-oauthlib install
python3-pkg-resources install
python3-problem-report install
python3-pyatspi2 install
python3-pycurl install
python3-software-properties install
python3-speechd install
python3-update-manager install
python3-virtkey install
python3-xdg install
python3-xkit install
python3.2 install
python3.2-minimal install
qapt-batch install
qcad install
qdbus install
qemu install
qemu-common install
qemu-kvm install
qemu-utils install
qlix install
qpdf install
quilt install
radeontool install
radiotray install
rar install
rarian-compat install
rdesktop install
readline-common install
realpath install
recordmydesktop install
recoverdm install
remmina install
remmina-common install
remmina-plugin-gnome install
remmina-plugin-rdp install
remmina-plugin-vnc install
remote-login-service install
reportbug install
reprepro install
resapplet install
resolvconf install
rfkill install
rhino install
rhythmbox install
rhythmbox-data install
rhythmbox-mozilla install
rhythmbox-plugin-cdrecorder install
rhythmbox-plugin-zeitgeist install
rhythmbox-plugins install
rhythmbox-ubuntuone install
rpcbind install
rpm install
rpm-common install
rpm2cpio install
rrdtool install
rsync install
rsyncrypto install
rsyslog install
rsyslog-gnutls install
rsyslog-mysql install
rtkit install
rtmpdump install
rubberband-cli install
ruby install
ruby1.8 install
ruby1.9.1 install
sabnzbdplus install
sabnzbdplus-theme-classic install
sabnzbdplus-theme-plush install
sabnzbdplus-theme-smpl install
sagcad install
samba install
samba-common install
samba-common-bin install
sane-utils install
scalpel install
scamper install
screen install
screen-resolution-extra install
seabios install
seahorse install
seahorse-daemon install
seahorse-nautilus install
sed install
sensible-utils install
session-migration install
sessioninstaller install
setserial install
sgml-base install
sgml-data install
shared-desktop-ontologies install
shared-mime-info install
shotwell install
shutter install
signon-keyring-extension install
signon-plugin-oauth2 install
signon-plugin-password install
signon-ui install
signond install
simh install
simple-scan install
simplyhtml install
skype install
skype-bin install
slib install
smart-notifier install
smartdimmer install
smartmontools install
smbclient install
smistrip install
snmp install
snmp-mibs-downloader install
snmpd install
snort install
snort-common install
snort-common-libraries install
snort-rules-default install
software-center install
software-center-aptdaemon-plugins install
software-properties-common install
software-properties-gtk install
soprano-daemon install
sound-theme-freedesktop install
sox install
sp install
speech-dispatcher install
speex install
sqlite3 install
sqlitebrowser install
squareness install
squashfs-tools install
ssh install
ssh-askpass-gnome install
ssh-import-id install
sshfs install
ssl-cert install
ssvnc install
strace install
stunnel4 install
subtitleripper install
sudo install
swh-plugins install
synaptic install
sysinfo install
system-config-printer-common install
system-config-printer-gnome install
system-config-printer-udev install
system-config-samba install
system-tools-backends install
sysv-rc install
sysvinit-utils install
taopresentations install
tar install
tcl install
tcl8.4 install
tcl8.5 install
tcpd install
tcpdump install
tcptraceroute install
tcsh install
tdb-tools install
tea install
tea-data install
telepathy-gabble install
telepathy-haze install
telepathy-indicator install
telepathy-logger install
telepathy-mission-control-5 install
telepathy-salut install
telnet install
terminator install
thin-client-config-agent install
thunderbird install
thunderbird-gnome-support install
thunderbird-locale-af install
thunderbird-locale-en install
thunderbird-locale-en-us install
thunderbird-locale-nl install
thunderbird-locale-zh-cn install
thunderbird-locale-zh-hans install
thunderbird-locale-zh-hant install
thunderbird-locale-zh-tw install
tightvnc-java install
tightvncserver install
time install
timidity install
timidity-daemon install
tk install
tk8.5 install
tntnet install
tntnet-runtime install
tomboy install
toshset install
totem install
totem-common install
totem-mozilla install
totem-plugins install
totem-plugins-extra install
tovid install
tovidgui install
tp-smapi-dkms install
tpb install
tpconfig install
traceroute install
transcode install
transcode-doc install
transfig install
transmission-common install
transmission-gtk install
tsconf install
ttf-arphic-ukai install
ttf-dejavu install
ttf-dejavu-core install
ttf-dejavu-extra install
ttf-droid install
ttf-freefont install
ttf-indic-fonts-core install
ttf-lyx install
ttf-mscorefonts-installer install
ttf-punjabi-fonts install
ttf-thai-tlwg install
ttf-ubuntu-font-family install
ttf-umefont install
ttf-unfonts-core install
ttf-wqy-microhei install
ttf-wqy-zenhei install
ttf-xfree86-nonfree install
twolame install
tzdata install
tzdata-java install
ubiquity-slideshow-mint install
ucf install
udev install
udisks install
udisks2 install
ufraw-batch install
ufw install
umit install
unattended-upgrades install
unetbootin install
unetbootin-translations install
unison install
unison-gtk install
unixodbc install
uno-libs3 install
unrar install
unshield install
unzip install
upower install
upstart install
ure install
ureadahead install
usb-creator-common install
usb-creator-gtk install
usb-modeswitch install
usb-modeswitch-data install
usbmuxd install
usbutils install
user-setup install
uswsusp install
util-linux install
uuid-runtime install
vamps install
vbetool install
vcdimager install
vgabios install
vim-common install
vim-tiny install
vino install
virtualbox-4.2 install
virtualbox-guest-dkms install
virtualbox-guest-utils install
virtualbox-guest-x11 install
virtuoso-minimal install
virtuoso-opensource-6.1-bin install
virtuoso-opensource-6.1-common install
vlc install
vlc-data install
vlc-nox install
vlc-plugin-notify install
vlc-plugin-pulse install
vnc-java install
vnc4server install
vorbis-tools install
vuze install
w32codecs install
wamerican install
watershed install
wbritish install
wdiff install
wdutch install
webhttrack install
webhttrack-common install
webmin install
wget install
whereami install
whiptail install
whois install
whoopsie install
wifi-radar install
winbind install
wireless-regdb install
wireless-tools install
wireshark install
wireshark-common install
wodim install
wpasupplicant install
wps-office install
wwwconfig-common install
x3270 install
xauth install
xbase-clients install
xbitmaps install
xcftools install
xchat install
xchat-common install
xclip install
xdg-user-dirs install
xdg-user-dirs-gtk install
xdg-utils install
xfonts-base install
xfonts-encodings install
xfonts-mathml install
xfonts-scalable install
xfonts-utils install
xfonts-x3270-misc install
xine-console install
xine-ui install
xinit install
xinput install
xkb-data install
xmind install
xml-core install
xnest install
xorg install
xorg-docs-core install
xorg-sgml-doctools install
xprobe install
xrdp install
xresprobe install
xsltproc install
xterm install
xtermcontrol install
xtrans-dev install
xz-utils install
yelp install
yelp-xsl install
youtube-dl install
zeitgeist install
zeitgeist-core install
zeitgeist-datahub install
zenity install
zenity-common install
zenmap install
zip install
zita-at1 install


  1. The last term you wrote about downloading the whole packages with short lines of commands is quite amazing and so cool~ yeap it is cool^^ I've been watching your posting more than 5 mins that it means i've read all your mentions about posting mint15Olivia-part1. I hope you let me see your next posting part2 about mint15Olivia.

  2. Very nice blog text!!!

    I have what I call black box with a mini ITX motherboard. No CD/DVD where I have Ubuntu installed.

    Like your comments I'm disappointed with Unity and also many core dumps I'm having with my configuration. I have 2 1 TB disks with LVM and a SDD for booting.

    I create a PXE configuration to boot memdisk with the whole ISO image for Mint 15 Cinnamon. But after all DVD is loaded into memory I can see Mint menu. Although it get stuck in any option since my sda and sdb are the LVM disks which for some reason cannot be accessed by Mint bootup.

    Do you have any direction for me?

  3. I love reading blogs and this is one of my most favorite blogs because I enjoyed a lot at this source thank you so much!


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