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Monday, 21 December 2015

Ubuntu Fails To Reach 200 Million Users By End 2015 Goal | Lowyat.NET

Four years ago, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu OS, said that the operating system would reach 200 million users by 2015. Sadly, four years is almost up and it seems like Ubuntu’s goals were unfortunately overestimated. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution which is catered for smartphones and personal computers. The 200 million users goal is so far-fetched that currently, Ubuntu on has around tens of millions of users. What makes it more saddening is the fact that it is hard to even get an accurate sales figure of Ubuntu because it is rarely distributed along with marketed products. Even Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, has a difficult time releasing official stats about the operating system.
However, unofficial estimates said that Ubuntu hasn’t even surpass the 100 million mark. This includes desktop and smartphone installations. Fortunately, all hope is not lost for Ubuntu: this year, we saw the release of Ubuntu Touch, which has been included on a special variant of the Meizu MX4.
In addition to that, Ubuntu is currently shifting its focus on the smartphone market and IoT (Internet of Things). This shift might just be the catalyst Ubuntu needs to achieve the already due goals it has set four years ago. Better late than never.
(Source: Phoronix via Neowin)

Ubuntu Fails To Reach 200 Million Users By End 2015 Goal | Lowyat.NET:

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