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Sunday, 31 January 2016

1. Practical Linux Power Server - Intro

Practical Linux Power Server - Intro

In this series of  guides I will show you how you can re-purpose a general workstation as a powerful yet easy to use server with a useful GUI.

The aim of this series is to create easy to follow mini guides that you can access from a browser while installing and customising your Practical Linux Power Server (PLPS).

This is how I do it. It works for me. It may not be the best approach for you. 
Your Mileage My Vary! -  YMMV!

The structure of the guides.

  1. General Information on Linux - Hints, Tips and cool things.
    1. 20 things to do after installing Linux Mint
  2. Hardware including peripherals.
    1. IBM
    2. Generic
    3. SCP
    4. Low Memory? Use a swap file
  3. Operating system installation.
    1. Encrypted file-systems
    2. Two form factor encryption
  4. Operating system customisation.
  5. Operating system security.
  6. Base applications and configurations.
    1. Restoring applications using dselect
  7. Web applications.
  8. Database applications.
  9. Commercial  applications.
  10. Penetration security.
  11. System monitoring.
  12. Backup and recovery.
    1. Switching desktops or recovering your desktop

Please be patient as this is work in progress and subject to change according to my whims. Content will follow soon. :-)

aptitude -F '%p' search ' !~i' 

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